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As a professional you know that over 90% of properties are pre-screened by interested home buyers on the internet.

Even after a property has had the staging decor removed from the home an impression will last with your photographs via smart phones and tablets. Great staging creates an  image, a look, a feeling, an inspiration.

It isn't so much about the fireplace, it's the feel, a vibe of "what can be".

And it might be with one closeup shot of a
beautiful counter-top with a vintage Cathrineholm bowl filled with fruit.

Or maybe it is a shot of a mid century lounge chair next to a fireplace. 

As a stager you are limited in what your company's storage capacity is for project home decor that you already have in your collection.  Maybe a particular chair that would just make the ONE property you are currently working on
"sing to  perfection" but wouldn't be a good fit with any other work you may do in the future. 

That's where STAGE comes in.

We have been in the vintage business for over 5 years. 

We have provided set decor to studios including Emmy Award winning Set Decorator Claudette Diduel for the television  show MAD MEN, 20TH Century Fox in the movie THE SECRET LIFE OF WALTER MIDDY,  and for the play OFF THE MAIN ROAD staring Golden Globe, Emmy Award wining actress Kyra Sedgwick, music producer Ryan Lewis for MACKLEMORE just to name a few.

We have a vast collection ranging from furniture, art work and other home decor. If we don't have a piece you may be looking for we have the ability to locate it via our network.

Pieces can be rented for just a day or for the full time a property is staged.  Contact us to find out more.

STAGE is Part of the JB Hoffman Family of Businesses
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